Cold Water Storage Tanks

In your attic you should find one or more large tanks used to store the cold water for your house. These tanks should be made of plastic and be covered by a plastic lid designed for them.

If you find your tank is an old steel tank I advise you call us on 086 810 0071 to have it replaced immediately! Old steel tanks should have been replace years ago because they will eventually corrode and burst resulting in water pouring through your ceiling and destroying your house!



Old steel water tank




Leak and burst through ceiling

You should always ensure your tank is fitted with a lid designed for that tank.


Plastic water tank with lid

This prevents dirt and animals/insects from getting into your tank and polluting your cold water or causing blockages. It is not advisable to make up your own lid using bits of timber or plywood because when condensation forms on them and drips back into the tank it will bring the chemicals from the timber with it, polluting your water. Remember this is the water you brush your teeth with and shower with! A suitable tank lid will only cost between €20-€30

Services we provide:

  • Tank installations
  • Tank replacements
  • Supplying and fitting proper tank lids
  • Cleaning dirt and debris out of tanks
  • Adding second tank for more storage
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