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We use water everyday throughout our homes. For drinking, washing and heating. But water can also be very destructive! A tiny leak can eventually lead to serious damage if not discovered in time. This type of damage can also lead to pretty expensive repair bills.

A small drip from a leaking pipe or fitting in your ceiling can sometimes lead to whole ceilings having to be replaced. Always make sure the pipes in your attic are properly insulated for frost protection.

A leak from underneath a shower tray or behind a shower wall could lead to tiles being removed and shower trays taken up. These can be costly jobs to have done as this often leads to damages and replacements of tiles and tray.

Luckily, normal house insurance will cover most of this. It is classed as “escape of water” and they should cover “trace and access” which is anything involved in finding and fixing the leak. Whether its taking down ceilings or removing shower trays.

If you discover stains on your ceiling our loss of pressure on your heating system, call us today on 086 810 0071 or visit our Contact Page and we can call out and give you a free quotation and the best options

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