Radiators and Valves

Having trouble with radiators not heating, leaking valves, or just want to add another radiator to a room? Call us today on 086 810 0071 or see our Contact Page.

If your radiator is heating at the bottom and cold on top this means you have air in the radiator and is easily fixed by bleeding it. However if the radiator is heating at the top but is cold around the bottom, this indicates a sludge build up and will need to be flushed out.

If you would like to upgrade your old radiators to new, higher efficient radiators, we can do this with minimal hassle. We supply and fit Quinn compact radiators which have narrow water channels and increased fins so the outputs are some of the highest in the compact market, as well as requiring less water to heat up so is therefore far more energy efficient. These also come with a 10 year manufactures guarantee.

We can also change your old radiator valves for new thermostatic valves. These allow you to easily set individual room temperatures by controlling the flow of hot water into the radiator based on the temperature in the room which will also help cut down on your heating bills.

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