We can supply, install and replace all types of showers. Whether it’s a standard gravity fed shower, a power shower, pumped shower or an electric shower.
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Gravity Showers:
A gravity fed shower is literally just a standard on/off shower valve with temperature regulation, fed from the cold water storage tank and hot water cylinder. The pressure is not usually great in the average house where the tank is only roughly 1-2 mtrs above it.

Power Showers:
Power showers are like a gravity shower but with a pump installed externally (usually in the hot press) which allows you to have a high pressured shower.

Pumped Showers:
Pumped showers need a hot and cold supply and an electric supply. They have a small pump inside it which gives you more power than a gravity fed shower but not as much as a power shower.

Electric Showers:
Electric showers and just like a pumped shower but only need a cold supply straight from your tank and an electric supply. They have a small pump inside and a heating element which gives you instant hot water.

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