Cold Weather Tips

With the cold weather fast approaching, now is the time to ensure that the plumbing and heating in your home is in the best condition possible. Below are a few tips I have outlined that you can follow to make sure your house is safe during the cold snap.



1. Always make sure that all your exposed pipework is well insulated! During cold wintry weather pipes have a higher chance of freezing and bursting which leads to major damage to your home! Insulating your pipework prevents them from freezing but also keeps the hot water in your pipes for longer.

2. Be sure to run water out of every outlet at least once a day during freezing conditions. This will help your pipes from freezing as running water can not freeze.

3. Ensure your hot water cylinder is properly insulated and is heated every day to keep warm water flowing through your pipes. The warmer the water is in your system the less chance you’ll have of pipes freezing and bursting.

4. Your central heating boiler should be serviced every year to prevent it breaking down and keep it running smoothly and efficiently throughout the cold snap.

5. Always ensure your garden hose is disconnected from your outside tap and emptied of all water.

6. If you are going away for extended periods of time it is always advisable to drain down your plumbing system. This can easily be done by turning off your main stop cock which is usually found under your kitchen sink and turning on your hot and cold taps to drain down your tank. If you cant find your stopcock be sure to ask your plumber where you can find it.


These are just a few simple tips to prepare your system for the cold snap. If you have any problems with frozen or burst pipes you can contact us immediately on 0868100071 and we will try our best to be with you as soon as possible.

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